Seven Ways to Prevent Farm and Ranch Theft

It's crucial to protect your farm or ranch from theft if you own agricultural equipment that's expensive to replace. Insurance will protect the financial side of it, but the best scenario is never getting robbed in the first place.

You can prevent thieves from stealing your precious items by following these tips.

  1. Lock All Doors and Windows

    The best defense to protect your farm from theft is to lock all doors, windows, and other entrances. Don't make it as easy as possible for criminals to sneak into rooms where you keep valuable possessions by leaving access points unlocked. Lock everything up, including ranch extensions, such as a barn or equipment storage room.

  2. Keep Pens Away from the Road

    You can protect your livestock from thieves who steal and sell cattle to other criminals by making sure pens are not close to the road. That's generally true for all your assets. The more you can keep your assets out of view from the roadway, the better. Don't rely on fencing alone to protect your livestock. Be aware there are thieves looking to profit from stolen agricultural products. The more experienced criminals pay attention to cattle feeding routines.

  3. Routinely Count Your Cattle

    Staying on top of your cattle count on a regular basis will alert you more quickly if animals disappear from your property. It's important to pinpoint a time frame when animals go missing, should you need to file a claim.

  4. Don't Leave Keys in Farming Vehicles

    There's no reason to leave keys in a tractor at night since there are thieves looking to take whatever farmers easily give them. Keep your keys in a place only you or trusted personnel can access. If someone steals farming vehicles because you left keys in the ignition, it may not be covered by your insurer.

  5. Join a Neighborhood Watch Program

    Many rural communities consist mainly of farms and ranches. These areas can benefit if the farmers unite to keep an eye on each other's properties. You may even post signs of your neighborhood watch program to discourage thieves from hanging out near your property.

  6. Invest in Equipment That Lowers Risk

    Installing bright lights, video cameras, and alarm systems effectively deter criminals. While there are upfront costs to consider, these items greatly reduce the chance of theft on your property. Let your insurance agent know about these investments to show you are lowering risks for filing a theft claim. It can help you get a discount on your monthly insurance costs.

  7. Post-TSCRA Membership Signs on Gates

    The Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association (TSCRA) investigates cattle and agricultural equipment theft. Displaying TSCRA signs around your property can deter any criminal with deep knowledge of the cattle industry. Each year the TSCRA recovers over $5 million in stolen cattle for owners of farms and ranches.

Thieves don't have to be farmers to steal and sell farming assets. Using the above tips will reduce the odds of your farm or ranch getting robbed. It's still important to carry the right insurance so that your policy covers losses. Contact us at Amity Insurance Group for more information on how to financially protect your farm.