Protect Your Bike and Your Wallet with Laid-up Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle riding is fun most of the year in many places, but winter can involve various risks that riders should consider. You should carry appropriate motorcycle insurance throughout the year in case you're ever involved in an accident.

Issues with canceling motorcycle insurance in the winter

Some people purchase motorcycle insurance for the sunny months, then cancel it in the winter. This strategy might work for some people, but it's easier to maintain a one-year coverage term so that you're not charged a termination fee. While the average motorcycle insurance policy costs around $500 per year, you might get charged as much as $30 for an early cancelation fee.

If you decide to cancel your policy every winter, let your insurance agent know your plan so that the company is aware of the pattern and maintains the same policy. Make sure you discuss the plan with an agent since an insurer may choose to drop you as a customer if you consistently cancel your policy during winter.

"Lay-up" insurance and motorcycle winterization

A "lay-up" insurance policy is a plan in which the insurer allows you to pause liability, collision, and other coverage areas. At the same time, it maintains comprehensive coverage, which includes theft and fire. Lay-up policies are often found in northern states, due to winter road conditions. Some lay-up policies provide liability coverage on a sunny day during the term. If you still choose to ride your motorcycle during winter, you should continue carrying liability coverage.

Raise your deductible to lower rates during the winter

Another option for cutting your motorcycle insurance bills during the winter months is to raise your deductible, which reduces your monthly premium. You'll pay more out of pocket upfront if you have to file a claim, but if you don't file a claim, you're just saving money. First, evaluate your risks in the winter. If you don't plan on riding much in the winter, there's less chance of an accident.

The reason this option is popular is that it can save a significant amount of money each month. If your annual premium, for example, is about $315, you can save up to about $50 each month by raising your deductible.

Get the right motorcycle insurance now!

Use these insights to reduce your motorcycle insurance costs. All states require motorcycle riders to carry a certain amount of liability insurance. Your insurance costs are partially due to how much and where you ride. The key is to enjoy riding, knowing you have the right amount of coverage. Contact us today at Amity Insurance Group to get started on a customized motorcycle insurance plan.