5 Weird Home Insurance Coverage That You May Not Know About

When you buy home insurance, your two main priorities are to ensure that your home and your belongings are protected against the potential perils that can cause damage or loss and that the monthly premiums and the deductible are affordable. Very few of you go through your policy in detail, and that is why you miss out on several weird or unexpected coverages that your policy covers but about which you may have no clue.

In this blog, we are going to mention five such coverages that may come as a surprise to you. Learning about them may help you to seek compensation if you find yourself in a similar situation.

List of 5 Weird Items Covered in Your Home Insurance

Here are five weird items covered in your home insurance:

  1. Spoiled food

    Not many people know that spoiled food can also be covered by your home insurance. A power outage for an extended period caused by a storm brings along with it several inconveniences that you often forget about the contents of your well-stocked fridge. If, after assessing the damage, you find that the loss is more than your deductible, you can file a claim just for spoiled food, but if it is less than the deductible, you can add the spoiled food expense to the list of your combined loss caused by the damage to your home and possessions.

    However, only if the cause of the food spoilage is a covered peril like a storm that disrupts the electric supply will your claim be accepted. If the food gets spoiled due to your negligence, your claim may be denied by your insurer.

  2. Lightning

    Though lightning strikes frequently cause property damage, it does not usually make it to your list of the more common risk factors. In most cases, damage by lightning resulting in fire, breakdown of appliances and electric wiring, and bodily harm will be covered by your home insurance unless it is specifically excluded from your policy.

  3. Dorm Room Burglaries

    If your child who stays away from home in an on-campus dorm room loses their personal belongings in a theft or fire, they may be covered by your home insurance. However, the coverage usually is limited to 10% of your personal property coverage limit. Also, several insurance providers add an age limit of 25-26 years to this coverage, which means they will need their separate insurance once they are over the specified age limit.

  4. Pet Injuries

    If your dog injures someone, it may be covered by your home insurance’s personal liability coverage. It includes the treatment cost and legal expenses if the victim sues you. However, not all insurance providers include it, and also certain dog breeds are excluded from the coverage. You must consult your insurer to know more details related to your pet.

  5. Lawsuits

    Legal costs if you are sued for third-party property damage, injuries, or libel and defamation, may be covered by your personal liability coverage in your home insurance.

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